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All Florida Tinting Co. - Specializing in auto, marine, residential, commercial window tinting and decorative films. Located in Jupiter, Florida, we are the local answer for window tinting in and around Palm Beach County. From local consumers and small businesses, to government and state entities, our experience and customer satisfaction are second to none.

When it comes to selecting the proper window film and installation team, the market is vast…but you should expect more than options. You should expect the perfect combination of knowledge, experience and professionalism. Eastman Kodak's LLumar high-quality window films require only the best installers. Even the most expensive and versatile window films will not perform well if they are not professionally installed. Purple, bubbled and peeling tint is not only a sign of poor quality, second-rate product, but also of poor installation practices. Our staff and certified installers are dedicated to providing you with professional solutions and unsurpassed applications for all your window tinting needs. Plus, our installers are factory trained by LLumar technicians to give them the leading edge in installation technology and LLumar products are backed with a factory warranty.

Surpassing your expectations is our ultimate goal. No matter which window tinting application suits your needs, when you demand the ultimate in appearance, durability and quality… only one company stands above the rest. Choose All Florida Tinting Co. and LLumar window film to provide the ultimate window tinting experience.