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Air Blue

High Performance

High Visibility

LLumar Air - Ceramic
Superior Visibility Performance Series.

Attention! Although a majority of vehicles are not affected, High Performance Metalized Films (LLumar ATR) may interfere with the reception of GPS Navigation, Keyless Entry Devices, Remote Starters, Radar Detectors, Tire Sensors, etc. Also, it is possible to experience some static reception on the weaker a.m. radio signals on certain vehicles because the antennas are located in the back glass.

Proudly made in the USA, LLumar (Eastman Kodak) films are durable and virtually maintenance free. In fact, when professionally installed by All Florida Tinting Co., LLumar window films are guaranteed to stand up to the test of time. Our lifetime warranty guarantees that our advanced technology and installations will keep your window film from changing color, bubbling, cracking or peeling for as long as you own your vehicle.

Factory-installed privacy glass vs. high performance window film

There’s a big difference between the two: factory glass is intended to provide privacy and does not provide complete solar control like window film. Since children and pets are often passengers in the rear seats of SUV’s, crossovers and mini-vans, it’s important to know that LLumar window film can be applied to privacy glass to protect them from UV rays. Plus, everyone’s ride will be more comfortable, as LLumar window film can reduce interior surface temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fº.

Did you know window film doesn’t have to be dark to perform?

This may come as a surprise to many people –  but window film doesn’t have to be dark to achieve amazing results. It can be almost invisible — giving you all the benefits of reducing harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and heat build-up, without a “tinted window look.” While all the products in the LLumar window film line offer UV protection, LLumar AIR automotive window film appeals to people who do not want the darker window appearance or where the use of dark window tint is prohibited by state laws. Even though it is clear and almost invisible, LLumar AIR window film has a heat rejection of 43% and blocks more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the leading known cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging, and also causes fading and cracking of automotive interiors.

When the sun goes down, the high optical clarity and low-reflectivity of LLumar AIR will not impede your night driving vision. LLumar AIR window film uses nano-ceramic technology to achieve its extraordinary level of protection. Designed with your car’s electronic accessories in mind, it does not interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors or global positioning systems.

LLumar CTX -Ceramic - Best

Superior Signal Enabling Series

The advanced technology utilized in manufacturing Llumars CTX Series provides a proprietary non-metallized, non-conductive, ceramic technology film with maximum heat reduction, maximum ultraviolet rejection, excellent optical clarity and blockage of infrared rays.

LLumar® CTX™ Films use Ceramatrix™ Advanced Technology to provide up to 60% heat rejection without blocking electronic signal transmission– the highest of any LLumar automotive film. This prevents interference with your car’s electronic signal transmission, including GPS, satellite radio, keyless entry or mobile phone reception.

Exceptional UV Absorption and Heat Rejection – LLumar CTX Film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays and provides up to 60% heat rejection while reducing glare by up to 94%, the maximum of any LLumar signal enabling film, creating a more comfortable environment for passengers and protecting a vehicle’s interior appearance.

LLumar ATR  - Metal - Better

High Performance Series

Extremely well suited for blocking heat, reducing glare, protecting your interior and adding style to your car. The High Performance Series gives you higher heat rejection and color stability from its unique metal alloy bonded to a special dyed layer. This series is the popular choice among drivers who want the classic look, but who also want a major step up in performance characteristics that go beyond just color.

With a unique metal alloy bonded to a special dyed layer, Llumar ATR Series gives you higher heat rejection and additional color options. Plus, since metal is impervious to fading, the sputtered metal/dye construction means the Comfort Series has even greater color stability than conventional dyed films.                                  

LLumar ATC - Dyed - Good
Premium Series

For a great look that lasts, the Llumar ATC Series is the answer. Cool Charcoal hues with the latest in Dyed Film Technology make the Llumar ATC Series the right choice for anyone looking to enhance their vehicles' style and appearance. Backed by a "No Color Change" warranty, this advanced window film provides best in class and longest-lasting color and appearance of any dyed film.

Choosing a film is as easy as good, better, best!