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Shown below are some of the most common window tinting questions along with a brief answer. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please call our office located in Jupiter Florida or contact us online.

Q: What is window film?

A: Window film is a thin polyester layer, in a variety of performance levels and shades, which is trimmed to fit your windows and then applied.

Q: I just had my windows tinted, why do they look hazy?

A: It takes several days for the film to completely adhere to the window. There still may be water under the film even three days after tinting. This causes a hazy look until the water completely evaporates. When the water evaporates, your windows should look completely clear with excellent clarity.

Q: Can I roll my windows down right away?

A: It is recommended to leave your windows up for at least three days after tinting. This will allow the tint to almost completely dry before tampering with the window.

Q: What causes film to turn purple?

A: The answer is simply cheap window tint! Our company only offers the highest quality LLumar window films which utilize state-of-the-art dyes, metals, and ceramic components that are color stable. The benefits for our clients are that our films do not turn purple like cheap window films sold in auto parts stores or other retail outlets and even most local tint shops. Please ask about our Limited Lifetime Warranty for more information.

Q: What should I clean my windows with after I've had them tinted?

A: It is always safest to clean your windows with simply a wet and dry towel, however if your windows are in need of something stronger find a product that does not have ammonia in it and is relatively a mild solution.

Q: What if I already have old film on my vehicle? Does it need to be removed before I get new tint?

A: Yes! It is always best to have a professional remove your old film before getting your car re-tinted. It could mean the difference between a poor re-install due to glue or particles left behind vs. a clean, factory look install with stunning results. 

Q: What do the percentages mean?

A: VLT or Visible Light Transmittance is a number represented be a percentage. For example Florida State limit is 30% darkness on the front half of a vehicles windows and 15% darkness on the rear half. The percentage 30% VLT means 30% of light passes through the film and 70% of light is blocked. 15% VLT is darker than 30% because it only allows 15% of light through while blocking 85% of light. "Limo Tint" is generally 5%, blocking 95% of light; hence the black appearance of a limousines windows.

Q: Is the tint applied on the outside of the windows?

A: No, window tinting is first trimmed to size then heated and shaped on the outside, then applied to the interior. Installing window film on the interior is mandatory to prevent damage from the outside elements.

Q: How long does it take to tint my car?

A: It depends on the vehicle and the amount of windows but generally speaking, for a full car it takes about 2 hours, total, including prep, install, cleanup, and inspection. Full vans can take longer than 3 hours. Just tinting the front two windows on a truck or van takes about 1 hour. These times are for cars with NO existing tint on the windows. If there is tint on the windows that needs to be taken off before applying new film, the time involved goes up drastically and can take up to 6 hours.

Q: Should I drop my vehicle off or wait?

A: Both options are available and you can do what works best with your schedule. We prefer the vehicle to be dropped off, but we do have a waiting area for customers who choose to stay for the installation.

Q: Will you travel to my home or office to tint my vehicle?

A: Sorry folks, we do not travel to install window film on vehicles. Window tinting must be done inside in a controlled environment to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from getting onto the film.

Q: What is a dot matrix and why doesn't the film stick to this area on my glass?

A: The dot matrix is made out of a rough ceramic material that is raised from the glass surface. The raised dot matrix pushes the window film away from the smooth glass surface causing air pockets between the glass and matrix.  Applying window film over the dot matrix will not cause any issues of the films performance nor will it cause any peeling. This is a purely aesthetic and cannot be prevented unless the glass is sanded which is not an option we offer.

Q: What is the warranty on window film products that All Florida Tinting Co. offers?

A: LLumar offers a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty. Which means if you move anywhere in the country, your local LLumar dealer will fix your automotive window tint. If the film bubbles, peels, or changes color, it is covered by the warranty.

Q: Can you put window film over top of factory tint?

A: Yes, we actually recommend having aftermarket film installed over your factory tint (colored glass). Factory tint on trucks, vans, and SUVs will do little for heat reduction and UV protection and is basically meant for privacy. Our LLumar window films will reduce the amount of heat in your vehicle and will reject 99% of UV rays.

Q: Can you scratch automotive window tint?

A: Our films are made with a scratch resistant coating. However, the film can still be scratched if enough pressure is applied from a seat belt, ring, keys, etc. Scratches and other personal damage is not covered under the Lifetime Warranty.